How does EV charging work?

Let’s separate charging into three separate categories, Home, Work and Play and Roadtrips. There are three main connection types on new electric vehicles, Type 2, Chademo and CCS, these are just the shapes of the connection, like USB or HDMI, the different connections allow different things to happen. The main difference between Type 2 and Chademo and CCS is that Chademo and CCS deliver DC power which allow the car to charge much faster.

Home charging

At home you will charge your vehicle over night meaning that every morning you will wake up with a full battery, like having a petrol station at your house. Installing a wall box is really simple and it allows you to charge your vehicle at 7.4 kwh (or 22 miles an hour). You don’t need any more than this because this is when your car will be at stationary for it’s longest.

get setup at home

Work and Play

If you have a charger at work you will find it to be very similar to your charger at the house, it will allow you to charge while parked for long periods giving you the ability to access a full charge for the journey home. When out having fun, car parks, leisure centres, cinemas and malls all now are starting to have higher powered charging. 11kwh and 22kwh can be available, depending on your car this will mean you can receive upto 68 miles an hour when charging.

These again use the Type 2 interface. Right now when you go to the cinema or out for a meal your car is sat doing nothing for three hours, meaning on the right charging system you would have a full charge by the time you left.

Road trips

When you are driving long distance you want and need to receive energy much quicker! This is done on a DC system, the reason DC is used is because it can bypass the cars onboard charging system and charge the battery directly. Your electric car inverts (changes) your home and work charging from AC to DC so the power can enter the battery, on a DC charger this process is already down before the power reaches the car, allowing it to bypass and charge quicker.

They tend to be much higher powered as well. Chademo and CCS run to 50kwh (right now), Tesla Superchargers can run upto 150kwh. Right now it means you can on Chademo and CCS can get upto 150miles an hour, Tesla 130miles in 20 minutes.