Climate Change and greenhouse gases are talked about a lot in press and media, with huge apocalyptic version of the world ending or that is it not to be believed at all. We all know the weather is changing and we can argue about the long term effects but Air Pollution effects people, and kills people, today. The Scottish Government spends £1.1 Billion on the effects of air pollution each year*. Before we even discuss renewable sources, just moving those pollutants out of the city centre would make a huge difference. 92 percent of all people of the world live within an area of air pollution and the main culprit of this is transportation. Electric vehicles cause no air pollution at the roadside, and even if charged on the worst offender (coal) it is still uses 25% of the co2 to go the same distance, but again remember, renewables make up an increasing amount of our energy production, as well as lower carbon options, so this figure is worst case scenario.

EVs are better at crashing

The general motor car has been around for decades, the general design has been around for decades. EVs turn this on it’s head. Electric vehicles present the opportunity for manufacturers to look at new ways of designing vehicles and therefore making them inherently safer, due to the fact that they employ new technology in the design process and as a founding principle, not a retro fit or redesign process. They allow for extra crash structure (crumple zone) and better side impact protection, as the car can stay stronger on side intrusion, using the battery.

With the position of the battery at the bottom of the vehicle, it improves the centre of gravity and can provide 50/50 weight distribution. Easiest way to understand this is at a contrast speed all four wheels will have the same level of grip and improve stability, it also makes it so much harder to tip.